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New Maneuvers

There are some maneuvers allowed in campaign games that are not available in the Wings of War physical game rules.

  • 30 degree turns are available for any plane that can make 60 degree turns.
  • See the augmented climb/dive rules in the File:Altitude Rules.pdf. Note that planes may still dive only once per turn!

Submitting Orders

It is important to submit your orders clearly and concisely, to avoid confusion.

Orders are almost always sent to DK, who creates the map images for each battle. The only time orders go anywhere else is when DK is participating in the battle and is currently in a tailing position. In that case, send your orders (whether or not you are the person being tailed) to the person who is running the damage record for that battle; he or she will pass on your orders to DK one at a time until his tailing choices are complete.

Individual Orders

  • Separate your orders so it's clear what is an individual order and what is a multi-card dive. Separate lines is very clear; or you can use a slash for brevity (e.g., R30/Stall/Immel)
  • "Left" and "Right" refer to 60 degree turns unless specified otherwise.
  • Specify "Left 30" or "Left 90" explicitly when you mean this
    • "L90", "L", and "L30" are fine too
  • The "wiggle" cards are called "sideslips." Sure, DK will probably figure out what you mean by "Left Jog" but if DK doesn't understand your particular jargon, it is your fault, not his.
  • Some planes have wide sideslips as well as long sideslips. Long is the default.
    • "Sideslip left" or "SS left" mean "long sideslip left"
    • Specify "Wide sideslip" for the steep sideslips
  • "Stall" is the steep "short straight" card
  • Specify an altitude change with your "climb" card
    • "Climb 2"
    • "Climb max" to climb your plane's maximum climb limit
  • Specify an altitude change and maneuver with a dive in parenthesis for clarity
    • for example, Left60(Dive4) is a single maneuver, a 60-degree left turn with a dive4 component.
    • "Dive 5" means "straight" implicitly -- in essence, it means Straight(Dive5)
    • "Dive" means Dive Maximum unless you attach a number to it.

Order Sequences

Most of these are straight out of the rules, but they're reiterated here

  • "Straight - Immelman - Straight" to immelman; increases altitude by 1
  • "Stall - Immelman - Straight" to Split-S: decreases altitude by 1
  • note that, per the altitude rules, the "straight" portion of these maneuvers (on either end) may include a dive component of 1-4 levels if desired.

Plane Damage

A reminder that plane damage works slightly differently in the campaign.

  • Jams, both rudder and gun, are of a random length of 1-5 cards
  • Red jams take twice as many cards (2 * 1-5) to fix for unblooded pilots
  • Red jams can't be fixed by novices
  • Engine damage maneuvers requirements can be satisfied by a stall or a dive of less than 5 levels, including any valid turning dive. It's still steep and you lose altitude.

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