2.2+ Rule Clarifications

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"Turn to Face" and "Conform to Group"

There are two different ways a contacted enemy may have to move to conform with the active player's moving elements:

  1. The "Turn to Face" rule says that an element in combat contact to its flank or rear but not its front must turn to face at the end of movement.
  2. The "Conform to a Group" rule says that a single element not part of a group must immediately conform to an enemy group that contacts it, if there is enough space behind the element to recoil.

There are several differences between these cases.

  • "Turn to Face" happens independent of whether either element is in a group, but "Conform to a Group" happens only when a group contacts a non-grouped element. A single element can cause a grouped element to "Turn to Face."
  • "Turn to Face" happens only when the moving element makes combat contact with the enemy's flank or rear, but "Conform to a Group" allows any kind of contact.
  • "Turn to Face" happens whether the contacted element has room to recoil or not, but "Conform to a Group" happens only when there is room for the contacted element to recoil.
  • "Turn to Face" happens at the end of the movement phase, while "Conform to a Group" happens immediately. This means that an element that has Conformed to a Group could conceivably also be flanked by a subsequent move in the same movement phase.

In all cases, the tests are independent. If the criteria for either "Turn to Face" or "Conform to a Group" are fully met, then the contacted element will conform to the moving element(s).

Also note that the "Turn to Face" rule does not require any elements to have moved this turn. If elements end up in front-to-flank contact due to combat results in previous turns, they will still turn to face this turn even if neither element moved.

For example, if my Heavy Chariot contacts the flank at the end of your line on my turn, kills an element, and follows up, it will be in a position to cause the next element in your line to Turn to Face on your turn unless you move it out of flank contact.

Destroyed elements during outcome moves

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