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This is a complete list of the armies available in DBA 2.2. The same armies are legal in 2.2+ as well.

Please do not include army compositions here without permission from the rules author, that content is copyrighted.

Book I

I/1 Early Sumerian (3000BC - 2334BC)

I/2 Early Egyptian (3000BC - 1550BC)

I/3 Nubian (3000BC - 1480 BC)

I/4 Zagros and Anatolian Highlanders (3000BC - 950BC)

I/5 Early Susiana and Elam (3000BC - 800BC)

I/6 Early Bedouin (3000BC - 312BC)

I/7 Early Libyan (3000BC - 74BC)

I/8 Makkan, Dilman, Saba, Ma'in and Qataban (2800BC - 312BC)

I/9 Early Syrian (2500 BC - 2200 BC)

I/10 Melukhkhan and Pre-Vedic Indian (2700BC - 1100BC)

I/11 Akkadian and Third Dynasty of Ur (2334BC - 2193BC and 2112BC - 2004BC)

I/12 Sumerian Successor States (2027BC - 1460BC)

I/13 Hsia and Shang Chinese (2000BC - 1027BC)

I/14 Early Northern Barbarians (2000BC - 315BC)

I/15 Later Amorite (1894BC - 1595BC)

I/16 Hittite Old and Middle Kingdom (1680BC - 1380BC)

I/17 Hyksos (1645BC - 1537BC)

I/18 Minoan and Early Mycenaean (1600BC - 1250BC)

I/19 Mitanni (1600BC - 1274BC)

I/20 Syro-Canaanite or Ugaritic (1700BC - 1100BC)

I/21 Kassite and Later Babylonian (1595BC - 747BC)

I/22 New Kingdom Egyptian (1543 - 1069BC)

I/23 Vedic Indian (1500BC - 512BC)

I/24 Hittite Empire (1380BC - 1180BC)

I/25 Middle Assyrian and Early Neo-Assyrian (1365BC - 745BC)

I/26 Later Mycenaean and Trojan War (1250BC - 1150BC)

I/27 Early Hebrew (1250BC - 1000BC)

I/28 Sea Peoples (1231BC - 1165BC)

I/29 Philistine (1165BC - 600BC)

I/30 Dark Age and Geometric Greek (1160BC - 650BC)

I/31 Neo-Hittite and Aramaean (1100BC - 710BC)

I/32 Western Chu and Spring & Autumn Chinese (1100BC - 480BC)

I/33 Villanovan Italian (1000BC - 650BC)

I/34 Later Hebrew (1000BC - 587BC)

I/35 Cypriot and Phoenician (1000BC - 332BC)

I/36 Italian Hill Tribes (1000BC - 290BC)

I/37 Mannaian and other Taurus/Zagros Highlanders (950BC - 610BC)

I/38 Libyan Egyptian (946BC - 712BC)

I/39 Urartian (880BC - 585BC)

I/40 Medes, Zikirtu, Andia or Parsua (835BC - 550BC)

I/41 Phrygian (800BC - 676BC)

I/42 Neo-Elamite (800BC - 639BC)

I/43 Kimmerian, Skythian or Early Hu (750BC - 50BC)

I/44 Neo-Babylonian (746BC - 539BC, 522BC - 521BC and 482BC)

I/45 Neo-Assyrian Empire (745BC - 681BC)

I/46 Kushite Egyptian (745BC - 593BC)

I/47 Illyrian (700BC - 10AD)

I/48 Thracian (700BC - 46AD)

I/49 Early Vietnamese (700BC - 938AD)

I/50 Lydian (687BC - 546BC)

I/51 Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonid (680BC - 609BC)

I/52 Early Hoplite Greek (680BC - 450BC) -- Argos (I/52a) Phokian)

I/53 Saitic Egyptian (664BC - 335BC)

I/54 Early Macedonian (650BC - 355BC)

I/55 Latin, Roman, Etruscan and Umbian (650BC - 290BC)

I/56 Kyrenean Greek (630BC - 74BC)

I/57 Etruscan League (600BC - 280BC)

I/58 Meroitic Kushite (600BC - 350AD)

I/59 Tullian Roman (578BC - 400BC)

I/60 Early Achaemenid Persian (550BC - 420BC)

I/61 Early Carthaginian (550BC - 275BC)

I/62 Lykian (546BC - 300BC)

I/63 Paionian (512BC - 284BC)

Book II

II/1 Republican Indian (500BC - 321BC)

II/2 Mountain Indian (500BC - 170BC)

II/3 Classical Indian (500BC - 545AD)

II/4 Warring States and Ch'in Chinese (480BC - 202BC)

II/5 Later Hoplite Greek (450BC - 275/235BC)

II/6 Bithynian (435BC - 74BC)

II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian (420BC - 329BC)

II/8 Campian, Apulian, Lucanian or Bruttian (420BC - 203BC)

II/9 Syracusan (410BC - 210BC)

II/10 Camillan Roman (400BC - 275BC)

II/11 Gallic (400BC - 50BC)

II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian (355BC - 320BC)

II/13 Samnite (355BC - 272BC)

II/14 Ariarathid Kappadokian (330BC - 322BC & 300BC - 17AD)

II/15 Alexandrian Imperial (328BC - 320BC)

II/16 Asiatic Early Succesor (320BC - 285BC)

II/17 Lysimachid (320BC - 281BC)

II/18 Macedonian Early Successor (320BC - 260BC)

II/19 Seleucid (320BC - 83BC)

II/20 Ptolemaic (320BC - 30BC)

II/21 Ch'iang and Ti (315BC - 417AD)

II/22 Arabo-Aramaean (312BC - 240AD)

II/23 Later Pre-Islamic Arab (312BC - 633AD)

II/24 Early Rhoxolani Sarmatian (310BC - 100AD)

II/25 Bosporan (310BC - 107 BC & 46 BC - 375AD)

II/26 Siracae, Iazyges, Later Rhoxolani Sarmatians (310BC - 375AD)

II/27 Pyrrhic (300BC- 272BC)

II/28 Early Armenian and Gordyene (300BC - 627AD)

II/29 Tien and K'un-Ming (295BC - 45AD)

II/30 Galatian (280BC - 25BC)

II/31 Hellenistic Greek (275BC - 146BC)

II/32 Later Carthaginian (275BC - 146BC)

II/33 Polybian Roman (275BC - 105BC)

II/34 Attalid Pergamene (263BC - 129BC)

II/35 Later Macedonian (260BC - 148BC)

II/36 Graeco-Bactrian (250BC - 130BC) and Graeco-Indian (170BC - 55BC)

II/37 Parthian (250BC - 225AD)

II/38 Hsiung-Nu or Juan-juan (250BC - 555AD)

II/39 Ancient Spanish (240BC - 20BC)

II/40 Numidian or Early Moorish (215BC - 25AD)

II/41 Han Chinese (202BC - 189AD)

II/42 Tamil Indian (175BC - 1515AD)

II/43 Maccabean Jewish (168BC - 104BC)

II/44 Commagene (163BC - 17AD and 38Ad - 72AD)

II/45 Sicilian and Italian Slave Revolts (135BC - 71BC)

II/46 Kushan (135BC - 477AD)

II/47 Early German (115BC - 250AD)

II/48 Mithridatic (110BC - 47BC)

II/49 Marian Roman (105BC - 25BC)

II/50 Hasmonean Jewish (103BC - 63BC)

II/51 Late Judean (63 BC- 6 AD)

II/52 Dacian (60BC - 106AD) and Carpi (106BC - 380AD)

II/53 Ancient British (55BC - 75AD)

II/54 Scots-Irish (55BC - 846AD)

II/55 Nobades, Blemmyes or Beja (30BC - 1500AD)

II/56 Early Imperial Roman (25BC - 197AD)

II/57 Later Moorish (25AD - 696AD)

II/58 Alan (50AD - 1500AD)

II/59 Jewish Revolt (66AD - 70AD & 132AD - 135AD)

II/60 Caledonian (75AD - 211AD)

II/61 Hsien-Pi, Wu-huan, Pre-dynastic Khitan and Hsi (90AD - 1000AD)

II/62 Abyssinian and Horn of Africa (100AD - 1529AD)

II/63 Three Kingdoms and Western Ts'in Chinese (189AD - 316AD)

II/64 Middle Imperial Roman (193AD - 324AD)

II/65 Early Visigothic (200AD - 419AD)

II/66 Early Vandal (200AD - 442AD)

II/67 Early Ostrogothic, Herul, Sciri or Taifali (200AD - 493AD)

II/68 Pictish (211AD - 846AD)

II/69 Sassanid Persian (220AD - 651AD)

II/70 Burgundi or Limigantes (250AD - 534AD)

II/71 Gepid (250AD - 566AD)

II/72 Early Frankish, Alamannic, Suevi, Rugian or Turcilingi (250AD - 584AD)

II/73 Old Saxon, Frisian, Bavarian, Thuringian or Early Anglo-Saxon (250AD - 804AD)

II/74 Palmyran (260AD - 273AD)

II/75 Paekche and Kaya Korean (300AD - 660AD)

II/76 Koguryo Korean (300AD - 668AD)

II/77 Silla Korean (300AD - 935AD)

II/78 Late Imperial Roman (307AD - 425AD)

II/79 Chinese Northern and Southern Dynasties (317AD - 589AD)

II/80 Hunnic (356AD - 570AD)

II/81 Sub-Roman British (407AD - 945AD)

II/82 Later Visigothic (419AD - 720AD)

II/83 Patrician Roman (425AD - 493AD)

II/84 African Vandal (442AD - 535AD)

Book III

III/1 Early Slav (476AD - 1218AD): (Wends III1a)

III/2 Early Lombard (489AD - 584AD)

III/3 Italian Ostrogothic (493AD - 561AD)

III/4 Early Byzantine (493AD - 578AD)

III/5 Middle Frankish (496AD - 639AD)

III/6 Emishi (500AD - 1100AD)

III/7 Pre-Samurai Japanese (500AD - 900AD)

III/8 Central Asian City-States (500AD - 1000AD)

III/9 Burmese (500AD - 1526AD)

III/10 Hindu Indian (545AD - 1510AD)

III/11 Central Asian Turkish (550AD - 1330AD)

III/12 Christian Nubian (550AD - 1500AD)

III/13 Avar (553AD - 826AD)

III/14 Early Bulgar (559AD -1018AD)

III/15 Tibetan (560AD - 1065AD)

III/16 Khazar (568AD - 1083AD)

III/17 Maurikian Byzantine (575AD - 650AD)

III/18 Breton (580AD - 1072AD)

III/19 Welsh (580AD - 1420AD)

III/20 Sui and Early T'ang Chinese (581AD - 755AD)

III/21 Italian Lombard (584AD - 1076AD)

III/22 Maya (600AD - 1546AD)

III/23 Khmer and Cham (605AD - 1400AD)

III/24 Middle Anglo-Saxon (617AD - 1014AD)

III/25 Arab Conquest (622AD - 660AD)

III/26 Early Serbian (627 AD-1089 AD) or Croatian (627AD - 1180AD)

III/27 Rshtuni Armenian (639AD - 717AD)

III/28 Carolingian Frankish (639AD - 888AD)

III/29 Thematic Byzantine (650AD - 963AD)

III/30 Magyar (650AD - 997AD)

III/31 Umayyad Arab (661AD - 750AD)

III/32 Volga Bulgar (675AD - 1237AD)

III/33 Early Muslim North Africa and Sicily (696AD - 1160AD)

III/34 Andalusian (710AD - 1172AD)

III/35 Feudal Spanish (718AD - 1340AD)

III/36 Nan-Chao (728AD - 1253AD)

III/37 Abbasid Arab (747AD - 945AD)

III/38 Arab Indian (751AD - 1206AD)

III/39 Late T'ang and Five Dynasties Chinese (755AD - 979AD)

III/40 Norse Viking and Leidang (790AD - 1280AD)

III/41 Dog Peoples and Pueblo Cultures (800AD - 1500AD)

III/42 Sha-T'o Turkish (808AD - 951AD)

III/43 Khurasanian (821AD - 1003AD)

III/44 Tribal Mongolian (840-1218 AD)

III/45 Pre-Feudal Scots (846AD - 1124AD)

III/46 Norse Irish (846AD - 1300AD)

III/47 Pecheneg (850AD - 1122AD)

III/48 Rus (860AD - 1054AD)

III/49 Tulunid or Iqshidid Egyptian (868AD - 905AD & 935AD - 969AD)

III/50 Bagratid Armenian (885AD - 1045AD)

III/51 West Frankish or Norman (888AD - 1072AD)

III/52 East Frankish (888AD - 1106AD)

III/53 Dynastic Bedouin (890AD - 1150AD)

III/54 Early Samurai (900AD - 1300AD)

III/55 Khitan-Liao (907AD - 1125AD)

III/56 Koryo Dynasty Korean (918AD - 1392AD)

III/57 Buyid or other Dailami Dynasties (927AD - 1090AD)

III/58 Toltec (930AD - 1168AD)

III/59 Medieval Vietnamese (939AD - 1527AD)

III/60 Dynastic Kurdish (950AD - 1085AD)

III/61 Sung Chinese (960AD - 1279AD)

III/62 Early Polish (960AD - 1335AD)

III/63 Ghaznavid (962AD - 1186)

III/64 Nikephorian Byzantine (963AD - 1042AD)

III/65 Fatimid Egyptian (969AD - 1171AD)

III/66 Hsi-Hsia (982AD - 1227AD)

III/67 Early Hungarian (997AD - 1245AD)

III/68 West Sudanese (1000AD - 1591AD)

III/69 Tuareg (1000AD - 1880AD)

III/70 Georgian (1008AD - 1683AD)

III/71 Anglo-Danish (1014AD - 1075AD)

III/72 Communual Italian (1029AD - 1320AD)

III/73 Seljuq Turk (1037AD - 1276AD)

III/74 Fanatic Berber (1039AD - 1529AD)

III/75 Konstantinian Byzantine (1042AD - 1071AD)

III/76 Papal Italian (1049AD - 1320AD)

III/77 Scots Isles and Highlands (1050AD - 1493AD)

III/78 Early Russian (1054AD - 1246AD)

III/79 Cuman (Kipchak) (1054AD - 1394AD)

Book IV

IV/1 Komnenan Byzantine (1071AD - 1204AD)

IV/2 Cilician Armenian (1071AD - 1375AD)

IV/3 Anglo-Norman (1072AD - 1181AD)

IV/4 Feudal French (1072AD - 1330AD)

IV/5 Sicilian (1072AD - 1442AD)

IV/6 Syrian (1092AD - 1286AD)

IV/7 Early Crusader (1096AD - 1128AD)

IV/8 Ghurid (1100AD - 1215AD)

IV/9 Eastern Forest American (1100AD - 1620AD)

IV/10 Mound Builder American (1100AD - 1701AD)

IV/11 North-Western American (1100AD - 1770AD)

IV/12 Polynesian or Melanesian (1100AD - 1785AD) (Hawaiian IV12c)

IV/13 Medieval German (1106AD - 1519AD)

IV/14 Jurchen-Chin (1114AD - 1234AD)

IV/15 Qara-Khitan (1124AD - 1211AD)

IV/16 Scots Common Army (1124AD - 1512AD)

IV/17 Later Crusader (1128AD - 1303AD)

IV/18 Lithuanian or Samogitian (1132AD - 1435AD)

IV/19 Tarascan or Toltec-Chichimec (1168AD - 1521AD)

IV/20 Ayyubid Egyptian (1171AD - 1250AD)

IV/21 Anglo-Irish (1172AD - 1489AD)

IV/22 Serbian Empire (1180AD - 1459AD)

IV/23 Feudal English (1181AD - 1322AD)

IV/24 Khwarizmian (1186AD - 1246AD)

IV/25 Later Bulgar (1186AD - 1395AD)

IV/26 Lusignan Cypriot (1192AD - 1489AD)

IV/27 Estonian (1200AD - 1227AD)

IV/28 Prussian (1200AD - 1283AD)

IV/29 Tupi (1200AD - 1601AD)

IV/30 Teutonic Orders (1201AD - 1522AD)

IV/31 Nikaian Byzantine (1204AD - 1261AD)

IV/32 Romanian Frank (1204AD - 1311AD)

IV/33 Epirot Byzantine (1204AD - 1340AD)

IV/34 Trapezuntine Byzantine (1204AD - 1461AD)

IV/35 Mongol Conquest (1206AD - 1266AD)

IV/36 Later Muslim Indian (1206AD - 1526AD)

IV/37 Indonesian or Malay (1222AD - 1511AD)

IV/38 Granadine (1232AD - 1492AD)

IV/39 Navarrese (1234AD - 1430AD)

IV/40 Siamese (1238AD - 1518AD)

IV/41 Early Swiss (1240AD - 1400AD)

IV/42 Islamic Persian (1245AD - 1393AD & 1499AD - 1520AD)

IV/43 Later Hungarian (1245AD - 1526AD)

IV/44 Post-Mongol Russian (1246AD - 1533AD)

IV/45 Mamluk Egyptian (1250AD - 1517AD)

IV/46 Ilkhanid (1251AD - 1355AD)

IV/47 Golden Horde and Successors (1251AD - 1556AD)

IV/48 Yuan Chinese (1260AD - 1368AD)

IV/49 Anatolian Turkoman (1260AD - 1515AD)

IV/50 Palaiologan Byzantine (1261AD-1384 AD)

IV/51 Morean Byzantine (1262AD - 1460AD)

IV/52 Later Nomadic Mongol (1266AD - 1508AD)

IV/53 Mixtec or Zapotec (1280AD - 1521AD)

IV/54 Medieval Scandinavian (1280AD - 1523AD)

IV/55 Ottoman (1281AD - 1512AD)

IV/56 Order of St John (1291AD - 1522AD)

IV/57 Low Countries (1297AD - 1478AD)

IV/58 Medieval Irish (1300AD - 1487AD)

IV/59 Post-Mongol Samurai (1300AD - 1542AD)

IV/60 Grand Catalan Company (1302AD - 1388AD)

IV/61 Italian Condotta (1320AD - 1495AD)

IV/62 100 Years War English (1322AD - 1455AD)

IV/63 Aztec (1325AD - 1521AD)

IV/64 Medieval French (1330AD - 1445AD)

IV/65 Wallachian or Moldavian (1330AD - 1504AD)

IV/66 Later Polish (1335AD - 1510AD)

IV/67 Jalayirid (1336AD - 1432AD)

IV/68 Medieval Spanish or Portugese (1340AD - 1485AD)

IV/69 Albanian (1345AD - 1430AD & 1443 AD - 1479AD)

IV/70 Chanca (1350AD - 1440AD)

IV/71 Chimu (1350AD - 1464AD)

IV/72 Amazonian (1350AD - 1662AD)

IV/73 Ming Chinese (1356AD - 1598AD)

IV/74 Free Company or Armagnac (1357AD - 1410AD & 1444AD)

IV/75 Timurid (1360AD - 1506AD)

IV/76 Early Burgundian (1363AD - 1471AD)

IV/77 Black Sheep and White Sheep Turkoman (1378AD - 1504AD)

IV/78 Yi Dynasty Korean (1392AD - 1598AD)

IV/79 Later Swiss (1400AD - 1522AD)

IV/80 Hussite (1419AD - 1434AD & 1464AD - 1471AD)

IV/81 Inca (1438AD - 1534AD)

IV/82 French Ordonnance (1445AD - 1503AD)

IV/83 War of the Roses English (1455AD - 1487AD)

IV/84 Burgundian Ordonnance (1471AD - 1477AD)