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Campaign Themes are large campaigns with a physical and chronological context designed to be run in a five or six hour time slot at a convention. At the three major US East-coast conventions (Fall In, Cold Wars, and Historicon) campaign themes typically have 16-24 players.

Assyrian Oppression

This campaign theme was run by David Kuijt and Dave Schlanger at Cold Wars 2012.

Assyrian Collapse.jpeg

Special Rules

Only Cyprus, Tyre, Sais and Carchemesh have navies and may use Naval Movement in the Mediterranean.

Thebes and the West Bedouin may move across the Red Sea without problems.

No power may use Naval Movement in the Persian Gulf.

Any power may invade the territory of the North Bedouin or the West Bedouin, but the Sinai Desert is a barrier to movement of armies by any power except the Bedouin. As a result, only Bedouin powers may move from the territory of the West Bedouin to the North Bedouin and vice versa.

The following count as Wild regions:

  • North Bedouin (Dry)
  • West Bedouin (Dry)
  • Mannea (Hilly)
  • Urartu (Hilly)
  • Sagartia (Hilly)
  • Phrygia (Hilly)