HOTT Classifications for Mechwarrior Figures

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This document describes the standard basing agreed upon by David Kuijt, David Schlanger, and Alan Ferrency regarding troop classifications and possible special rules for use with Mechwarrior prepainted miniatures.

Element Classifications

  • Behemoth: Mechs (especially bigger, more ponderous mechs)
  • Hero: Mechs (especially more agile-looking mechs)
  • Magician: Missile Mechs (guided missiles), or possibly (?) wheeled non-combat communications/command vehicles (calling in air strikes)
  • Knight: tracked tanks and large GEVs
  • Riders: wheeled combat vehicles (including ATVs, buggies, and dirt bikes) and smaller GEVs. Also good for Mechanized Infantry -- an Infantry Combat Vehicle or fighting transport plus the hardsuits it disgorges to fight, all on a base together.
  • Shooters: ground based big guns: AT guns, rocket launchers, mortars, laser batteries, etc.
  • Artillery: Ack-Ack tanks (really huge guns and don't look as heavily armored), Missile Tanks, massive numbers of LRMs or other ground artillery
  • Beasts: Fenrir power armor, other quadrupedal power armor
  • Horde: Unarmored or very lightly armored infantry
  • Warband: light, mobile power armor (especially with reverse-bend legs)
  • Blades: heavy, less mobile power armor
  • Flyers: Single rotor helicopters, jetpacks
  • Airboats: Double rotor helicopters. Also Air Cav -- air transported infantry with a fighting air transport vehicle, all combined on a base.
  • Aerial heroes: Large obviously flying mechs (none currently known)
  • Dragons: Large obviously flying mechs (none currently known)
  • Large Warband: smaller mechs that will work in bad going, for example the Forestry Mech
  • God: Nukes
  • Cleric: ECM/communications vehicle including huge numbers of anti-missile missiles, plus supporting foot for stiffener.
  • Paladin: mech with anti-missile missiles.

Mech Classification

Mechs can be either Behemoths, Heroes, Aerial Heroes, Dragons, or Magicians. Heroes can either be smaller, more maneuverable mechs unlikely to crush friendlies when they recoil; or epic cinematic "that's obviously the hero" mechs as desired by the player. Aerial heroes should be mechs that can obviously fly. Dragons need to be distinctive, otherwise there's no point. Magicians are mechs shooting missiles that seek their targets.

Some of the smallest Mechs may have ratings as 2-pt or 3-pt elements. For example, the Forestry Mech is best rated as Large Warband, and the Thunder Fox and Ursa Mechs are more quadruped vehicles than big Mechs, so are best rated as Beast elements (depending upon their size -- possibly they are too big to be Beasts?).

Basing changes

  • Knights use square bases so tanks can fit
  • Riders use square bases when required, but provide 2 vehicles or only wheeled vehicles so they're obviously not Knights

Power Armor Classifications

This is what type of foot we're using to classify each power armor/battle suit type.

Horde: every type of infantry not in power armor, possibly stiffened by an admixture of very light power armor.

  • Peasant Company
  • Standard Foot
  • Elite Infantry
  • SRM Team
  • Laser Team
  • Guila Suit
  • Combat Engineers
  • Free Legion Company
  • Purifier Battle Armor (possibly?)

Lurker: anything sneaky and ambush-y that could put out some firepower but would otherwise have Horde combat factors. Possibilities are:

  • Special Forces Team
  • One crescent of Cavalier Battle Armor, mounted separately (not on the crescent) with SRM missile surgical add-ons (just thinking out of the box here)
  • A group of Laser Team, Flamer Team, Mortar

Warband: active poses of obviously light and mobile power armor.

  • Cavalier Battle Armor

Beast: large quadruped power armor

  • Fenrir Battle Armor

Blade: the default for sturdy power armor, three per crescent or fewer. Often based with a single larger (Salamander, Infiltrator, or Longinus) crescent or figure as the heavy powersuit in a stand of regular powersuits (Hauberk, Clan, or similar).

  • Hauberk Battle Armor
  • Gnome Battle Armor
  • Raiden Battle Armor
  • Kanazuchi Battle Armor
  • Achileus Battle Armor
  • Longinus Battle Armor
  • Infiltrator Mk I Battle Armor
  • Gray Death Battle Armor
  • Inner Sphere Battler Armor
  • Fa Shih Battle Armor
  • Salamander Battle Armor
  • Clan Battle Armor

Power Armor Not Classified Yet

  • Shock Troopers: possibly Warband? (could someone who has some of these, and also Cavalier hardsuits, make an assessment?)
  • Special Forces Team: possibly Lurker?
  • Kage Battle Armor: wings implies speed; perhaps Warband? If not, Blade -- they are large enough to be Hauberk equivalents.
  • Infiltrator Mk II Battle Armor