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Brutes (new element type)

There are a variety of figures that are fierce and large, but not so large as to be useful as Behemoths, and too numerous to be Heros. In essence they are Warband on Steroids -- large humanoids 8-9' tall who are half-way from Wb to Behemoth, but still form an elite mass unit fighting as a group (rather than a single Giant who is an elite single dude fighting alone). Examples would be groups of Bugbears or Gnolls, half-Ogres and the like.

Brutes (Bru)

  • Foot type
  • 300p move
  • no BGo penalty
  • +4 vs Foot, +4 vs Other (like supported Wb)
  • Base size twice the depth of a single Warband element
  • combat results (positive and negative) like Warband
  • impetuous followup (like Warband)
  • no second-rank support
  • 3pt element cost

Phalanx (new element type)

A very tough, static foot type based on the movement, combat factors and combat results of double-ranked spear. This allows representation of 17th century Spanish Tercios, dense pike blocks in Macedonian or Later Swiss armies, and also allows the representation of groups of figures that are large and tough, but not so large as to work as Behemoths, but fight in a conservative, static manner (rather than aggressively like BRu).

Phalanx (Phx)

  • Foot type
  • 200p move
  • BGo penalty same as Spear
  • +5 vs Foot, +5 vs Other ( same as supported spear)
  • Base size twice the depth of a single Spear element
  • combat results (positive and negative) like Spear
  • no second-rank support
  • 3pt element cost

Why New Troop Types?

These new troop types give HOTT players more options for interpreting and basing larger elements than are available without them. Both of the elements are minor modifications to elements that already exist in game, and they each provide interesting tradeoffs for the army designer. The rules are easy to remember, because they work "just like a Wb/Sp with a second rank."

These new elements have been in use as local house rules for several years, and no serious problems have arisen from their use.

Compared to their equivalent 2-element combinations (Wb or Sp with rear support), Brute and Phalanx have several benefits and downsides.

Benefits of Brute and Phalanx

  • They cost less than building the same formation out of two elements
  • The deeper base can be used with larger models than Sp and Wb allow
  • The elements retain their additional combat factor in bad going, while two elements of Wb/Sp in a column would lose their rear support
  • It is impossible for the enemy to forcibly remove the rear support
  • They provide additional options for 3 point elements

Downsides of Brute and Phalanx

  • They use a 3+ point element slot in your army, limiting how many you can take and preventing you from taking other 3+ point elements
  • They are inflexible: you cannot maneuver the "rear rank" separately
  • The whole element dies at once instead of dying as two separate elements (potentially more slowly)
  • Since the base is deeper than a half base width, the elements have no recoil if they're turned 90 degrees in a base width gap