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(Changes that Weren't Made)
(Suggestions That Were Rejected)
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NASAMW modifications, other changes
NASAMW modifications, other changes
== Suggestions That Were Rejected ==
== Proposals That Were Rejected ==
[[ 2.2+ Design Notes: Why We Didn't... ]]
[[ 2.2+ Design Notes: Why We Didn't... ]]

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Design Philosophy

To make the best game possible. While this seems simple and straightforward, there is still necessary constraint. We are evolving the DBA 2.2 rules and we need to make sure that 2.2+ provides a gaming experience that continues to feel like DBA. We will shy away from changes that alter the basic mechanisms and pacing of the game.

Notes About Specific Changes

Many of the changes implemented by 2.2+ are interrelated, and can't be considered out of context of other changes. They are separated here for convenience, not because they were developed or tested separately from each other. It is important to play all of the 2.2+ changes together, and not to pick and choose individual changes, because the resulting whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

2.2+ Design Notes: Measurement and Scale

Board size, MUs, figure scale, ground scale, movement rates.

2.2+ Design Notes: Terrain

Topography adjustments, terrain placement, terrain size and shape changes, BUAs, Rivers.

2.2+ Design Notes: New Element Types

Pavises, Raiders, Light Spear, Cataphracts.

2.2+ Design Notes: Revised Element Types

Scythed Chariots, War Wagons, Elephants, Horde, Camels, Litters.

2.2+ Design Notes: Combat Changes

Shooting, Rear support, Pursuit, QKs, combat factors

2.2+ Design Notes: Movement Changes

Front corner measurement, conforming, breaking off, psiloi group move, flank contact restrictions, dismounting.

2.2+ Design Notes: BBDBA Changes

NASAMW modifications, other changes

Proposals That Were Rejected

2.2+ Design Notes: Why We Didn't...