2.2+ Design Notes: BBDBA Changes

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NASAMW Victory Conditions

The BBDBA victory conditions as specified in DBA 2.2 were generally considered to be worse than the BBDBA victory conditions in DBA 2.0. In practice, all NASAMW BBDBA tournaments explicitly used the DBA 2.0 victory conditions. 2.2+ reverts the BBDBA victory conditions back to how they were in 2.0.

Littoral Landing Changes

DBA 2.2+ littoral landings in BBDBA require an entire command to land, and require it to be the last command. This means that players are no longer allowed to deploy only their C-in-C command when defending, and instead must always deploy two commands before the attacker's deployment. This change is considered a fix for a known problem in DBA 2.2 and not a radical change from the way the game was previously played.


The demoralization rule was changed to test for demoralization at the end of every bound, rather than at the start of a player's bound, to fix problems with demoralization and victory conditions that made the rules work very differently than how they were actually played.

Previously, if a player's command lost its general or 1/3 of its elements in their own turn, it would not be demoralized until the beginning of that player's subsequent turn. Victory conditions are checked at the end of the bound. Together, this meant:

  • The game isn't over on the turn the player lost enough elements to be demoralized, because it isn't demoralized when victory conditions are tested on that turn.
  • In the opponent's next turn, the player's command would not be demoralized and would not receive a combat penalty.
  • At the end of the opponent's turn, victory conditions would still not be triggered, because the command is still not demoralized.
  • At the start of the player's subsequent turn, the player's command becomes demoralized.
  • However, the game still isn't over, because victory conditions aren't tested until the end of the bound.

This gives the would-be-demoralized player 2 extra bounds to gain points, and it confuses the heck out of anyone who sits down and actually reads the rules. Therefore, get rid of it.

Play Area and Terrain Placement

Using 30" square boards for single DBA makes it easy to put two boards together to get a 30"x60" play area for BBDBA. This works much better in 2.2+. Terrain placement was adjusted to match the terrain placement rules used in 2.2+ single DBA, by applying the same rules to each 30" square half of the BBDBA play area. The goals here were the same as for single DBA: give the attacker limited control over terrain placement.

War Wagons and Litters

In BBDBA 2.2, the rule that allowed an army to go without a camp if it had sufficient war wagons was not scaled up to work with a double or triple army correctly, which meant that BBDBA players could do without camps if they had only a few war wagons. That was corrected in BBDBA 2.2+.

Litters are now considered Unique, and any army can only have one. Since they are now implemented as a standard element with an interesting modelling/basing opportunity, this means that the second and third Litter can be replaced by another standard army element with no change to the rules but an improvement in the history: no army ever brought 3 arks of the covenant into battle.

Holding groups in bad going

This rule was necessary to allow Psiloi to hold as a group in bad going because they can now move as a group in bad going.