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A Resource for De Bellis Antiquitatis

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2.2+ External Resources

The best place to start you're new to DBA

WADBAG Unofficial Guide to DBA 2.2+

The best place to start if you know DBA 2.2 and want to learn 2.2+

2.2+ Playsheet for DBA

2.2+ Quick Reference Sheet, 1 page

2.2+ Playsheet for BBDBA

The best place to ask 2.2+ questions

DBA Fanaticus 2.2+ Forum

Everything else

Official WADBAG 2.2+ Resource Site

2.2+ Line Edits

2.2+ Products

2.2+ Information

2.2+ Rule Clarifications

2.2+ Design Notes

2.2+ FAQ

General DBA 2 Resources

DBA Tournaments

Army Notes

Figure Manufacturers

DBA Scenarios

DBA Strategy and Tactics

DBA Campaigns and Campaign Themes

DBA Modelling

Hordes of the Things Resources

HOTT Classifications for Mechwarrior Figures

WADBAG Additional HotT Troop Types

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