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Pyramid Events using Limited Attrition

The following events have been run using the Pyramid format using Limited Attrition.

Armies are listed in order of first round matchups: the first two armies play each other, the 3-4th armies play each other, and so on.

Pyramid Tourney in Pyramid Times

This Biblical pyramid event was run at Cold Wars 2012 by Dave Schlanger. It used DBA 2.2 with the Light Spear and Raider rules later incorporated into DBA 2.2+.


  • I/22b: New Kingdom Egyptians
  • I/28: Sea-Peoples
  • I/7b: Early Libyan
  • I/6b: Early Bedouin or I/27: Early Hebrew


  • I/24b: Hittite Empire
  • I/28: Sea-Peoples
  • I/20a: Ugaritic
  • I/25a: Middle Assyrian or I/20b: Syro-Canaanite Others

Unification War: Rise of the Son of Heaven

This pyramid traces the unification of China during the Warring States period. It was run by Alan Ferrency at Cold Wars 2013, using DBA 2.2+.


  • Qin: II/4a
  • Zhao: II/4c
  • Yue: II/4b
  • Hu: I/43a


  • Chu: II/4d
  • Qi: II/4e
  • Han: II/4e
  • Border Tribes: I/14b

4th War of the Diadochi

Alexander is dead! Who will take over his role as leader of the known world? This themed Pyramid event follows the continuing struggle for supremacy between Alexander's successors.

This event was run by Alan Ferrency at Fall-In 2013, using DBA 2.2+.

  • II/20a: Ptolemy
  • II/23a: Arab Nomads
  • II/19a: Seleucus
  • II/3: Classical Indians
  • II/18c: Kassandros
  • II/5a: Athens
  • II/16a: Antigonos
  • II/17: Lysimachid

Neither Holy, Roman, nor an Empire

The Holy Roman Empire. Really? Form a True Empire as you crush your enemies and incorporate their armies to further your imperial ambitions. This themed Pyramid event is centered around conflict in Germany the 12th century AD.

This event was run by Alan Ferrency at Cold Wars 2014, using DBA 2.2+. Historical army compositions for Medieval Germans were provided by David Kuijt.

  • IV/13a Hannover: 1x 3Kn//4Bd(Gen), 2x 4Cb, 2x 4Sp, 2x 4Bd, 2x 2Ps, 3x 7Hd or 4Bd or 3Cb
  • III/40d Denmark
  • IV/13a Bohemia: 1x3Kn (Gen), 4x3Kn//4Bd, 1x4Cb, 2x4Sp, 2x3Ax or 4Sp or 7Hd, 2x2Ps
  • III/62a Poland
  • III/72a Treviso
  • III/67b Hungary
  • III/72a Bishop of Trent
  • IV/13a Padua: 1x3Kn (Gen), 4x3Kn//4Bd, 1x4Cb, 2x4Sp, 2x3Ax or 4Sp or 7Hd, 2x2Ps