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Phalanx and Spear Discussion

DK would like Phalanx to be used for mega-tanks because they look huge and have comparable mass to mechs.

  • Phalanx: large, slow, heavily armored vehicles, if any

DS and Alan don't want this, for several reasons:

  • The game is about mechs, not tanks. The tank models are too big, they shouldn't be able to take a mech at even odds.
  • Taking up high point slots with tanks means there are less slots for mechs.

Alan: I would prefer a model that allows mechs to be used as 2 or 3 point elements. Smaller but not very agile mechs could be phalanx or spear instead of behemoth, for example. This would allow taking more mechs compared to "other stuff" and wouldn't break their interactions with the "tanks are knights" troops.

Regarding DK's notes about Spear and Phalanx, I prefer limiting Spear and Phalanx to "slow/awkward/tough mechs" and not "huge tanks."

DK's notes:

For both Spear and Phalanx, the major issue is that foot in Powersuits should not have the ability to withstand attacks from Mechs on an equal footing. So either of these troop types should be restricted (if used at all) to vehicles.

Spear or Phalanx may be a suitable classification for slow/awkward but tough Mechs, or for "supertanks" that are as bulky-appearing as the big Mechs. For example, the Po II Heavy Tank can be considered a "typical" size tank that should be rated as Knight in HotT. The Joust tank is much bigger and more heavily armored than the Po II, and the Behemoth II and Condor may be even larger. Rating the Joust as a Phalanx makes it a 3-pt element that is powerful yet very slow; capable of taking out normal tanks (Po II) most of the time but still sometimes losing to them. Most Mechs would avoid it, because fighting it would be a waste of effort better spent elsewhere. Seems to work on several fronts. Phalanx class is vulnerable or not-cost-effective against Powersuit 2-pt elements (Warband and Blade) but that is also easily justifiable, as modern tanks are not effective when used unsupported against capable foot.

Alan's opinion on what to do here

Add this to the Mech Classification section:

Spear or Phalanx may be a suitable classification for slow/awkward but tough Mechs.

Don't use Spear or Phalanx for tanks.